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Welcome on my website


My name is Elly Ariella

My soul mission is to use my creation power to create as many chances as possible to send more love and magic into the world.

My passion is to remember women how sacred they are. To help them awaken the parts of our feminine nature that this world so desperately needs.As women we have an inexhaustible source of divine feminine wisdom and creation power within us. This source is located deep in our pelvis, in our wombs.

I believe that if women come home in their body, if they remember their true nature and divine feminine power the world will become a better place for us all

Let's give birth to a love were love rules.


"I enjoy to spread seeds of love everywhere I go. This seed will slowly open up your heart and then nestle in the deep dark fertile soil of your womb, were it starts to work it's magic. With enough love and attention a flower starts to grow. This flower is more beautiful than you could ever imagine – it will bring infinite light into this world".


.I am a crafter of healing and empowering ceremonies and I love to work with the power of sisterhood. On this website you can find all the magical, loving activitities & projects I have to offer.


I love to meet you during one of my workshops, trainings, retreats or sessions. Or somewhere else in time and space, where life connects us

Thanks for seeing and sharing the magic with me.


Love & blessings,