Wild Women of Mother Earth oracle cards NL/ENG/ DE

Wild Women of Mother Earth is self-published and co-created by more than sixty women. To empower women all over the world!

Wild Women of Mother Earth already traveled to more than 10 different countries: Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, America, Canada & Egypt.

She is used daily in women circles, red tents, women empowerment festivals & healing sessions.

In the Netherlands she has 5 star reviews on spiru.nl en bol.com. Tarot.nl one of the biggest oracle cards publishers cells her to spiritual shops across the globe.

She is originally published in English. But is now also translated in Dutch and German.

1250 decks are already sold. My biggest dream is she will reach as many women as possible- all over the world.


They are pure magic. The energy of the cards are soft and strong at the same time. The messages are full of love and honesty. They always bring me what I need.

Because there are real women on the cards the deck feels so alive. You can really feel the message. I have a lot of oracle card decks but not one of them is like this deck. It is raw and sacred, high and deep, light and dark. They give me the power to realise my dreams and open my heart for all the beauty Mother Earth has to offer me.

I recommend this oracle card deck to every woman.


On this page I want to share something about my big soul creation :Wild Women of Mother Earth Oracle. It all started as a little seed that came from out of a dark place within me. I was so scared of showing the real me to the world. But when I began to heal that wound and prayed that something for the good of all would come out on the other side I received an Idea. The Idea to create an oracle card deck. And not just an oracle card deck. But one that's unique because there are real women on the pictures showing their natural beauty and strenght. So that as a woman you can relay to what true beauty is. This deck is created by the magic and healing energy of sisterhood. Women supporting eachother and lifting eachother up. More than sixty women helped me to create this deck to empower women all over the world!


This oracle card deck will bring you the wisdom, magic and healing of the sacred feminine power. It will support you on your journey to more self love, to (re)discovering the wild woman within you and to living your true nature. It will show you the healing energy that is released when women come together and unite like sisters. Let this deck remind you that you are never alone. Let it awaken your awareness of the creation power you have as a woman. With that power you can give birth to life and to all your dreams and desires.
It will help you remember why you came here to our Earth Mother and will remind you of your connection with our Divine Mother. It is time you stop hiding. It is time to shake loose everything that is blocking you.


It is time to arise, my sister. Come with me on this journey!


If you are feeling a yes after reading this, you can order your own copy in the webshop. If you want to co-create in any way - for example by selling this deck in your region or country. Or if you want to order a copy outside the Netherlands then please contact me by filling in the contact form.


Thank you for seeing and sharing the magic with me.

review via website Koppenhol uitgeverij

"Wat een bijzondere kaartenset. Deze kaarten overtreffen mijn verwachtingen. Ik was vooral op zoek naar energie die mij helpt mijn vrouwelijke kracht te hervinden, benoemen, activeren en ontwikkelen. Dat doen deze kaarten zeker.  Heel bijzonder dat het foto's zijn van vrouwen in de natuur. Wat een verschillen tussen de vrouwen en wat zijn ze moedig. En wat een aansprekende, positieve en herkenbare teksten. Het treft mij elke keer als er iets staat zoals: "Deze vrouw wacht op jou om samen met jou".......Het voelt alsof er een zuster met je meegaat in het proces in levende lijve. Dat is een compleet andere ervaring dan kaarten waar bijvoorbeeld engelen opstaan. Het deck is een aanrader als je wel wat moed en steun kan gebruiken bij je pad hier op aarde".