Ireland Womb Medicine Journey 2025

1th of May until the 6th of May

Special Beltaine edition

Are you ready to transcend the expectations imposed on you as a woman? Can you feel a sense of untapped power and potential humming deep within you?`

For the women who are ready to lead and to heal. To remember her limitless creation power and purpose. 

For the woman who is ready to remember she is the MEDICINE.

For the woman that is ready to let the magic of Ireland change her for good....


OH Ireland how you have stolen my heart, stirred my soul in a deep way. I can feel the deep ancient magic present in every stone, every tree, every waterfall. Mother Nature still rules there with her Wild, Fierce Beauty. And there is something else that I can feel in the depth of my WOMB when I am in Ireland. The true, wild, unpolished energy of the feminine. In all her colors. 

This retreat I will take you deep into the mystical MOURNE MOUNTAINS. For centuries mountains are known to be a portal to wisdom. We will stay in earth houses build into the mountains, who will make you feel like you are inside the WOMB of MOTHER EARTH.

It is a very special Beltaine edition which means we will FIRE up our feminine life-force, our SHAKTI.  I will take you to a very sacred and special place to celebrate Beltaine like they did in ancient times. Walk the land like your ancestors did.......

Beltaine is an old celtic celebration. Marking the beginning of summer. It is an celebration of fertility & sexuality

Woman I want to see the fire of passion burning in your eyes again. I want to see your hips swing and dance, because of the fire in your belly that is burning higher than ever before

I want you to remember your ability to set this world on FIRE with your RADIANT LOVE.

I want you to no longer hold back from your PASSION, your POWER.

Don't be afraid of the fire cause you are the FIRE!


This retreat is for you if:

*Ireland is calling you on a deeper level. The energy of the wild, ancient, deep, raw feminine is so alive there. The caves, cliffs, waterfalls, stone circles, big old trees are so breathtaking, magical and powerful. Let them help you remember and awaken to your most wild, authentic, magical nature.

*root deeply into yourself, into your pelvic. Come HOME into the WOMB of MOTHER EARTH

*you are longing for more PLAYFULNESS, JUICY PASSION and MAGIC in your life

*you feel blocked in your female (creation) power or want to connect deeper to your femininity.

*if you want to find out ( or deepen) what your unique womb medicine is. 

*love deep ceremonial work. We will do many beautiful magical rituals

*you are ready to show up as the powerful, wild wise woman that you really are

* want to experience the deep healing support of sisterhood



We will do amazing wild stuff:

* we will do a powerful cleansing at Lough Shannagh. This lake is in the heart of the Mourne Mountains. All that is still hidden in the mists will become clear.

*you will have your own medicine/ pelgrim walk in the mountains

* we will do an embracing healing for your inner child. When did you hide away your sensitivity? When did you stop believing in your own fairytale ? It's time to surrender and crack open, inviting more playfull magic in your life.

* we will create an offering for the faeries.. We will dance and play with them :)

* we will visit Tolleymore Forest Park and hug some very old and big old trees. These will ground you to the bone. After you visited this place you will surely believe in (your)magic again

* we will do a medicine ceremony by the Ballynoe stone circle. Are you ready to step forward? To fully show up and present your medicine, your magic to the world?

* We will dance in a yurt by the fire awakening our SHAKTi, our ecstatic KUNDALINI energy. We will set our hearts, our yoni's, our WOMBS on FIRE!! 

  •  Celebrate Beltaine at Loughcrew cairns as the sun sets. Also known as mountain of the witch. This grounds are 5200 years old. We will also have a private tour who takes us to the cairns that are not on public grounds. You will have your own moment to go inside and have a talk with your ancestors. You can ask them for support, guidance and what your unique medicine and purpose is.

*dance, sing, howl, pray, be in nature a lot


The hag's Chair on top of Loughcrew

Beltaine on the top of loughcrew. 5500 years old carvings Cairn  L Loughcrew

Ohhhhh it's going to be so powerful and beautiful. I can't wait to share my womb medicine and passion for deep ceremonial work with a group of brave wild hearted women.


Where will we stay:

We will stay in little womb earth cottages deep in the MOURNE MOUNTAINS. When you walk outside you are surrounded by nature. There is a fairy garden with a fairy river to play, pray and wonder. From here we can walk directly to LOUGH SHANNAGH. A very special lake that is the HEART of the Mourne Mountains.



HOW: fly into Dublin airport. 

Price: €1333 

Price includes most foods (unless we go out to eat)/ accomodation/ ritual gifts, transportation in Ireland and the program. Ticket or transportation to Ireland is not included. 

Pay in full or Payment arrangement

 You do need a certain level of fitness for this trip. We will walk quite a bit at least one day and sometimes climb a bit off track.

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to talk to me before you say YES.

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